{CLOSED}[Doujinshi] Shingeki no Kyojin - Cocoon

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{CLOSED}[Doujinshi] Shingeki no Kyojin - Cocoon

Post by Nanully09 on Tue Sep 17, 2013 5:48 pm

Title: [Doujinshi] Shingeki no Kyojin - Cocoon
Description: MarcoxJean, R-13

Link to Download:

mediafire.com ?5p6l3r3598rxmdk

I would like to humbly ask, If it possible to translate this doujinshi, because I reaaally love this couple and I would like to read it at least in English (well... actually I speak Spanish... so If you don't understand me very well you know why.. jajaj xD). I now that all of you guys are a really busy people, but, If it is possible please notice me If you can... please... x3 <3

Splodey's edit: unfortunately we are unable to work on this. None of us actually really ship this pairing that much for us to work on it. :'D

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Re: {CLOSED}[Doujinshi] Shingeki no Kyojin - Cocoon

Post by Splodey on Tue Sep 17, 2013 5:53 pm

Hello dear!

What I meant is that you may post just the suggestions itself here. You don't have to repost this thread since we've seen it already! :') I'm going to lock this thread~



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